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5 Innovative Marijuana Accessories

5 Innovative Marijuana Accessories

Cannabis consumption varies depending on the user’s preference, purpose, and level of curiosity. The desire to get different effects from marijuana continues to bring forth innovative accessories. These new tools allow you to eat, vape, inhale, smoke, and even apply marijuana on your skin. 

The latest technology and the cannabis industry have been merging to cater to the different needs of old and new users. This union encourages cannabis users to enhance their sessions even more.

With so many cannabis accessories out there, you might not know where to begin. To make your selection easier, we have compiled the most innovative marijuana accessories available. This short but concentrated list will help you enjoy your cannabis experience more.

1. SEC-CBD Pain Patch

If you have chronic pain and want a possible natural solution for relief, then the SEC-CBD Pain Patch could be what you need. This quick-acting CBD patch reportedly targets the aches and pains in various areas of the body.

A pack contains two patches that measure 10 centimetres by 14 centimetres. Each patch has 25 milligrams of CBD. You can only use the patches externally. Just one patch a day is standard. Place it on the painful area. In case you’re experiencing a high level of pain, replace the first patch with the second one after a couple of hours. 

Just remember that you cannot reuse the patches. You should use another pack for the next day to ensure potency. Unopened packs can last for a year in a cool, dry area. Studies show that regular use of pain patches allows CBD to accumulate in your system. In just a month, you could feel a significant difference. 

You can purchase SEC-CBD Rapid Patch from our site for $36 to $37.49.

SEC-CBD Pain Patch

2. Boveda Humidipaks

Marijuana should be stored in an airtight container with relative humidity (RH) of 58 to 62 percent. You can get these storage conditions when you use Boveda Humidipaks. Your cannabis buds will retain the optimal moisture level, which you will notice the moment you use them.

There is no need for activating the pack at all. Just place your buds in your standard container together with the Humidipak, and you’re certain your herbs will stay as fresh as the first day you got them. It’s an affordable and vital investment when it comes to preserving your herbs.

Boveda’s technology is unique because it uses salt. It eliminates the right amount of pure water vapour to maintain the preferred level of relative humidity. When you use the Humidipaks, you prevent over-humidification and mould formation. This ensures the proper retention of water and potency you desire. Humidipaks don’t even leak because of their water retention strength. You can even use Boveda Humidipaks for storing moisture-sensitive smoking instruments and foods. 

You can purchase 4g Boveda Humidipaks from us for around $1.

3. Penny Bags Extracts Distillate Pen Kit

Vape or distillate pens are often coveted cannabis accessories because of their functionality, user-friendliness, and portability. For marijuana enthusiasts and beginners, products such as Penny Bags Extracts Distillate Pen Kit is the most convenient way to enjoy cannabis concentrates on the go. 

To begin using Penny Bags Distillate Pen, attach the USB charger to the rechargeable pen and let it power up. The tiny charge indicator light will turn green when the built-in vape battery is fully charged. You then get a 510 threaded cartridge of your choice. After charging the pen, remove the USB charger and connect the cartridge to the pen. Press the power button and puff. 

You can get the Penny Bags Extracts Distillate Pen Kit for around $20 at our shop. The vape cartridges are sold separately.

Mary’s CBD Oil Extreme Dose

4. Mary’s CBD Oil Extreme Dose

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring chemical component (cannabinoid) of marijuana plants. It finds its way to the endocannabinoid system when it enters the body of mammals, such as humans. This system controls various processes, such as cognition, sleep, mood, pain, and appetite, to achieve balance inside the body. When you use CBD oil, you could help bring back the balance in your body. Studies show that CBD can reduce stress, improve sleep, eliminate pain, and enhance appetite. 

Mary’s CBD Oil Extreme Dose has 1,000 milligrams of cannabidiol. For every 1 millilitre of this tincture, you get 20 milligrams of CBD. The dosage level makes it more suited to achieving mild effects for users who weigh at least 230 pounds and moderate effects for users who weigh 130 to 230 pounds. You can take doses of this powerful CBD oil topically, sublingually, orally, or through inhalation. The frequency depends on your tolerance, body type, and other factors. 

You can buy Mary’s CBD Oil Extreme Dose from our store for $79 to $79.99.

5. Juicy Jay’s Watermelon-Flavored Papers

Juicy Jay is one of the best-selling brands for flavoured weed rolling papers. It is a favourite for many cannabis enthusiasts who roll their own. 

Juicy Jay’s Watermelon-Flavored Papers are unique and highly coveted because each piece is a natural skin, fully flavoured, printed, and triple-dipped. 

Each piece you get in a pack is made of hemp with natural sugar gum. It contains no artificial sweeteners. The whole piece of paper has a watermelon flavour. You can taste the watermelon on every part of the paper and not just on its gum strips. These flavoured rolling papers stimulate the taste buds on and underneath your tongue, as well as those on your lips and on your palate. After you smoke, the watermelon flavour lingers.

The flavour also enhances the cannabis flavours you’re smoking and mutes any harsh taste in the herbs. This smooth smoking experience is thanks to the triple-dipped flavour system. Juicy Jay’s Watermelon Papers are dipped three times and soaked for at least a week in watermelon flavour. 

The colourful printed fruit images on these papers correspond to the watermelon flavour. Soy-based ink is used in the printing process. 

You can buy Juicy Jay’s Watermelon-Flavored Papers from our cannabis accessories shop for around $3. 

Have you tried any of these innovative marijuana accessories? What is your favourite? Feel free to post your comments below.