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Strain Review: Tuna Kush

Tuna Kush Strain REview

You may hear Tuna Kush referred to as Tuna OG. This strain is relatively rare and is an indica-dominant hybrid with 70% indica and 30% sativa. Many say that it is a phenotype of the famous and popular Hindu Kush. As such, this is the only parent strain.

Tuna Kush is much more famous in Canada, and it is just starting to work its way into the United States, where it is picking up many fans. The strain originally began in British Columbia, but little else is known.

For those who need a refresher, the parent strain, Hindu Kush, is a landrace strain that originated in the mountains that span Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is among the most famous of all landrace strains and it has been key to breeding many other strains, including the famous OG Kush.


Tuna Kush is known for producing a relaxing high that is stereotypical of indica plants. The strain typically has THC levels of 16-18%, which classifies it as high. Some sources even report that Tuna Kush can reach THC levels of 27%, depending on the phenotype and how it is grown; this level of potency is incredibly high.

If you want to enjoy Tuna Kush but do not want to deal with the extreme high, you may be able to minimize the couch-lock by taking a cold shower, increasing the heat at the end to avoid freezing and by having a strong cup of coffee. You can also just nap to let the high run its course.

Aroma and Flavor

Aroma and Flavor

The name “Tuna Kush” comes from its incredibly pungent smell that somehow smells similar to fish. Those who smell it commonly compare the aroma to rotting tuna. Unfortunately, some of that smell does it make it into the taste of the strain. You will mostly notice a very pungent sour skunky flavor that also features a fish flavor along with heavy hints of kush. You will also notice hints of spice, earthiness, and dankness. Others also notice hints of citrus and a flavor that is closer to tuna sashimi instead of rotten tuna or just normal tuna.

The smell and flavor are not most people’s preference when it comes to Tuna Kush. However, this strain remains popular due to its effects, which are enough to make many people willingly deal with the fishiness.

Those who want less of the tuna scent and more of the earthiness and skunkiness should consider vaporizing Tuna Kush instead of smoking it in a joint or bong. This method tends to taste more skunky and earthy with much smaller hints of tuna.


The Tuna Kush strain has buds with long and minty nugs that are shaped similarly to green pepper and very dense. You will also notice amber hairs that are long and thin, with the whole thing coated with white crystal trichomes.


Using Tuna Kush will lead to one of the richest indica highs that you can get from any strain. You will enjoy the heady euphoria that takes over. This is combined with a mood-lifting sense of energy. You will also likely notice your mind starting to turn to a dreamy, introspective state.

Overall, once you consume Tuna Kush, you will be in a peaceful and thoughtful state. Then, the warming body high will begin to take over, starting at the top of your body and working its way down. As this happens, your thoughtful, peaceful state will start to transition to more of a stoniness.

Expect the end result to be feeling slightly couch clocked and incredibly sleepy. The drowsiness associated with Tuna Kush has been described as a result of experiencing a delay in signals in the mind and body. Overall, the most common effects associated with Tuna Kush are relaxation, sleepiness, euphoria, and happiness. Hungriness is also possible, as is sociability.

Due to the effects of Tuna Kush, you should not expect to get anything really accomplished once you consume the strain.

The effects do typically arrive in stages, so you may only notice subtle effects at first. However, expect to these to be short-lived, as you will slowly feel yourself becoming more and more couch-locked.

Many people who search for medical marijuana try Tuna Kush to help with stress, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. The euphoria is said to assist with mental disorders, including anxiety and depression. It is also very commonly used for pain relief, both sporadic and chronic. Some people also use it to treat nausea, even though the initial smell may not imply that this would be the case.

Other Information to Know | My Green Solution

Other Information to Know

The breeders of Tuna Kush are unknown, so it can be incredibly challenging to find buds and it is even harder to find seeds. As such, you are unlikely to be able to grow the strain yourself. If you do get the chance, be prepared for a strong smell as you grow. As such, you will likely want to invest in plenty of filters and a strong ventilation system.

Those who are thinking about growing Tuna Kush should keep in mind that, in addition to the strong smell, this strain is known for producing small yields. As such, you may find yourself somewhat frustrated to put up with the search for the seeds and dealing with the smell only to get a relatively small yield. However, if you really love this strain and its potency, the effort can still be worth it.

Because of the smell, it should go without saying that, if you do plan to grow Tuna Kush, you should avoid doing so outside. Your neighbors will not appreciate the odor at all, and it is not exactly subtle. Going back to the description of Tuna Kush’s appearance, remember that the buds are coated in rich trichomes and resin. This makes it a very popular strain for creating concentrates, especially if you are willing to deal with the hint of fishy flavor.