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5 Of The Best Weed Gummies From BC

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5 of the Tastiest Weed Gummies From Our Dispensary

You love weed gummies, and you cannot lie. 

It’s because cannabis gummies do not involve vaping or smoking to get your buzz. Also, they are discreet and easily transportable. 

What’s not to like? 

We know you’re a busy individual bossing life 24/7 and don’t have the time to visit brick-and-mortar weed gummies stores in Canada. 

That is why you are looking for a secure way to buy weed online in Canada to get your juicy THC gummies delivered to your doorstep.

We know, and we got you covered at My Green Solution, a reputable online dispensary in Canada that offers numerous weed products suitable for rookie, experienced, and occasional users. 

Moreover,  if you’re a resident of British Columbia and want to buy weed online in BC, you can get same-day weed delivery in Surrey. 

Before diving into our five picks from the best weed gummies available in BC, let’s break down some basics. 

For Starters, What are Cannabis Gummies?

weed gummies and THC edibles next to a cannabis leaf from My Green Solution online dispensary for mail order marijuana and weed delivery in Surrey and Langley BC.

Cannabis or weed gummies are soft, chewy food products loaded with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the primary psychoactive component of cannabis that makes you high. 

Most THC gummies available online in Canada are sugar-coated and offered in pleasant-tasting, fruity flavours. 

Moreover, these gummys are available in a wide range of THC dosages and are typically shipped in childproof packaging.

Why Are Cannabis Gummies so Popular?

cannabis gummies and weed gummies in a gift box from an online weed dispensary in BC with weed delivery in Surrey.

Many people do not like the preparation required to consume weed through traditional means of smokable flowers, vapes, and oil tinctures.

They want their buzz on the go, and that’s where pot gummies step in. 

Moreover, when you source your THC gummies from a trusted online dispensary, you know the precise dose and effects of these soft chews. 

However, picking the right online dispensary in Canada to buy weed gummies can be a challenge. It’s because the Canadian market today is flooded with a huge range of products, which can be overwhelming for you.  

Therefore, to ensure your peace of mind each time you gulp a juicy gummy, we have created a list of five of the best weed gummies you can buy online in BC and elsewhere in Canada.

5 of the Best Weed Gummies in BC

  1. Sweet Escape By Bliss 
  2. Rainbow Sherbet By Golden Monkey Extracts
  3. Stoney Patch
  4. Skittles
  5. Aura Bear Delight (Assorted)

Best THC Gummies

Each of these five gummies is chosen for its ability to give you a high-quality experience. They are made with high-quality ingredients to grant you peace of mind and a tasty buzz. 

Each of these products contains varying levels of THC content. Therefore, read carefully before ordering your preferred juicy gummies.

1. Sweet Escape Weed Gummies By Bliss 

Sweet Escape Weed Gummies By Bliss for sale online from My Green Solution online weed dispensary for BC bud online.

Sweet Escape cannabis gummies by Bliss are your rollercoaster ride to a paradise of euphoria, relaxation and reduced stress levels.

These pot gummies are a powerhouse of THC and an ideal remedy for sleeplessness.

Your pack of Sweet Escape contains nine edible weed gummies, each of which carries a whopping 120mg of THC. It also means that these gummies are not for the faint-hearted or rookie users.

British Columbia-based Bliss makes these gummies from a hybrid strain and offers them in kiwi, mango, and orange flavours. 

It’s admissible to store your pot gummies in the cold (do not refrigerate), dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Sweet Escape by Bliss is ideal for people who enjoy the buzz but cannot smoke weed because of respiratory problems. Moreover, these soft chews are fantastic for easing physical pain and inflammation.

Lastly, keep your Sweet Escape gummies away from pets and children.

2. Rainbow Sherbet Gummies By Golden Monkey Extracts

Rainbow Sherbet Gummies By Golden Monkey | My Green Solution

Rainbow Sherbet by Golden Monkey Extracts is one of the top budget buds to order online in Canada. 

Say goodbye to inferior quality and bitter-tasting gummys, and say hello to Rainbow Sherbet!

You can gulp down these delicious edible weed gummies to lower your anxiety, reduce inflammation, or treat your insomnia without breaking the bank.

These juicy fruity-flavoured cannabis gummies are made with sugar and cannabis-infused coconut oil, among other ingredients. 

Your pack of Rainbow Sherbet contains eight lab-tested pot gummies, each equally infused with 30mg of THC.

Remember, if you are a rookie user, it is admissible to wait at least two hours before taking a second dose because, with the power of 30mg THC per piece, these weed gummies strike hard. 

Lastly, keep your Rainbow Sherbet goodness away from pets and children.

3. Stoney Patch THC Edibles

Stoney Patch THC Edibles | My Green Solution

Your imagination is a prelude to creativity, fun, and artistry. Break that writer’s block, or turn your movie spree into an adventure with sweet and sour Stoney Patch cannabis gummies. 

These weed gummies are a joyride for your taste palette because, at first, they are sour, then they turn sweet, and then they lift you to cloud nine of stoned tranquillity. 

Your aftereffects are a euphoric feeling of relief and comfort. 

Now is that beautiful or what?

Your pack of square-shaped Stoney Patch pot gummies contains the power of 500mg THC. The product is in strawberry, watermelon, grape, and assorted flavours.  

We recommend spacing your doses two hours apart because a single dose typically takes about thirty minutes to do its magic. Also, an overdose of these gummies can result in dizziness, nausea, extreme anxiety or an upset stomach. 

It’s admissible to consume your Stoney Patch THC gummies in a controlled environment if you are a rookie user. 

4. Skittles Weed Candy

Skittles Weed Candy | My Green Solution

If you don’t like to buy weed online because you don’t like the smoke, then don’t. Instead, buy Skittles – one of the best weed gummies in Canada – for a functional high. 

Courtesy of its low Tetrahydrocannabinol percentage, a skittles THC gummy is ideal for people who want to lower their stress and feel relaxed without getting high.

Moreover, these mouth-watering weed gummies are also good at making you feel hungry and inducing sleep.

A platter of BC rolls to satiate you, followed by eight hours of quality sleep.

Now that’s a treat!

Your pack of Skittles pot gummies contains 20 pieces, each infused with 20mg of THC. They are offered in sour green, wildberry purple, and original red flavours. 

Because of their low THC volume, you can gulp two Skittle gummys in one go. 

However, it’s recommended to have your second dose at least an hour later.

It’s admissible to store your Skittles in a cool (do not refrigerate) dry place and out of the reach of children and pets. 

Lastly, if you order online from Surrey, British Columbia, you can have same-day delivery.

5. Aura Bear Delight Weed Gummies (Assorted)

Aura Bear Delight Weed Gummies | My Green Solution

If you want your day to be filled with creativity and a functional high without denting your wallet, order Aura Bear Delight online in Canada.

These delicious fruity-flavoured cannabis gummies are one of the top budget buds you can order from any online dispensary in the Great White North.

Moreover, they are not overloaded with THC (each gummy contains 25mg of THC), which means you can ease your physical discomforts, alleviate your stress, regain your appetite, and sleep like a baby at night without getting dizzy.

Now that’s a win-win you’re looking for!

Your pack of Aura Bear Delight of Assorted weed gummies contains six pieces and can be ordered with same-day delivery in Surrey, BC.

Despite its relatively low THC content, we recommend not taking more than one gummy at a time. 

These pot gummies take a little time to do their magic, so you should wait at least an hour before consuming a second dose.

Lastly, store them in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children and pets. 

So, that’s it, my beautiful reader! 

These are five of the best cannabis gummies from BC that you can order from My Green Solution to enhance your creativity, reduce stress, regulate your appetite, and increase the quality of your sleep.

What Makes a Canadian Online Dispensary Trustworthy?

couple shopping online | My Green Solution

Buying weed gummies in Canada was never as easy as in 2022. 

Online weed dispensaries have popped up everywhere as busy individuals like you want their cannabis products delivered to them without the hassle of visiting a brick-and-mortar weed store. 

But with the good comes the bad. 

Your best bet to distinguish trustworthy online dispensaries from shady ones is your research and intuition. 

Before buying weed online, you should read reviews and what the existing customers say. 

Also, compare the prices of the product you intend to order. If a certain dispensary is offering a product at a price that is too good to be true, it probably is offering a product made with substandard weed.

Moreover, make sure that the dispensary offers a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the product, it is your way of safeguarding your money.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, order some delicious weed gummies.

My Green Solution is a top online dispensary that offers some of the best weed gummies in Canada, among many other weed products. 

Lastly, you can avail same-day weed delivery in Surrey, BC, as well as free shipping on orders over $200.