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What Are The Different Types Of Weed Pens

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Different Types of Weed Pens That Will Rock Your World

Consumers would naturally gravitate toward a product that is bold and innovative. This statement of fact is further bolstered by the growing demand for weed pens in Canada. 

According to recent data, Canadian sales of cannabis vape products have continued to build from 2020 to date, with unit volume sales growing as much as 100%. Today, buying weed online is akin to ordering your favourite burger. 

Due to the legalization of cannabis in Canada, access to high-quality weed is now easier than ever. With more accessible access to weed, alternative methods to best consume it has continued to spring up. 

Although you can consume weed differently, inhalation is the best method to enjoy its benefits truly. 

These days, vaping has become a modern alternative to experiencing cannabis at its best. 

Before we delve into the different kinds of weed pens, let’s examine the ingenuity behind these masterpieces and what is fueling their growing demand. 

What is a Weed Pen?

Weed pens for sale online from My Green Solution online dispensary for disposable vapes and weed online Canada.

A weed pen is a device that includes a battery and a cartridge. It is made of various cannabis oil, including marijuana and cannabidiol. 

Rather than burning the cannabis, this instrument vaporizes the active ingredients in the oil. So, it produces vapour rather than smoke. 

Parts of a weed pen 


The battery is the source of power for your weed pen. The device uses the battery’s stored electric power to generate the heat required for your dry flower oil or extracts. 

Because of their high energy density, rechargeable lithium batteries get commonly used in most weed pens. 

Vape pen batteries are available in various shapes and sizes, from pen styles to large power units. 

The reason is that it allows them to reach the high temperature required by weed pens. 

Weed pen batteries use a USB charger, which can be plugged in or screwed into the battery’s threaded connection. 

The Atomizer 

The atomizer or heating element is the weed pen component that converts the battery’s power to heat. 

Your weed pen’s material transforms into a flavorful vapour in the atomizer. 

The Chamber or Tank 

The chamber is the section of your weed pen that houses the vaping material. Now here is something you need to know. An oil weed pen is known as a tank if it is refillable. 

On the other hand, it is a cartridge if it is disposable and comes as a single unit with an atomizer. 

Whatever you call it, this is the section of your weed pen where you load your vape material. 

The Mouthpiece 

The tip of the weed pen is known as the mouthpiece. It is where the vapour is channelled to the user to be inhaled. 

You would find a variety of mouthpieces in the market. However, they are all designed to fit conveniently into the mouth of the user for a seamless hit. 

How To Use Weed Pens 

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Weed pens are pretty easy to use. 

  • Power up the device: Turn on the device by pressing the power button five times. Most weed pens will light up to indicate that they have been powered.
  • Press and hold the power button; Do this for a few seconds. This will send a torrent of power to the atomizer, which produces So you can take a hit once you press and hold the power button. 
  • Turn off the device: After you have finished vaping, press the device five times to turn it off the machine. Ensure you stop taking puffs; the instrument will shut down by itself. 

What Is the Science Behind Weed Pens?

heating element of a vape pen | My Green Solution

Weed pens use one of two heat processes to vape dry flowers or concentrate. They include conduction and convection. 


Conduction is heating a substance through direct contact with a heat source. The heat source in conduction weed pens is traditionally ceramic or metallic elements heated by electricity. 

When flowers or dabs are placed in the chamber, the chamber heats up, causing it to come in contact with the cannabis resulting in the vapour you inhale. 

Most weed pens use conduction heating. Although the conduction heating method allows for faster heat-up times, it doesn’t heat the product evenly. 


Convection weed pens heat the air inside a chamber with weed, producing vapour. 

The exciting thing about convection weed pens is that they may take longer to heat the less risk of weed burning. 

Benefits Of Weed Pens 

THC vape pens have amassed a strong following recently, and here is why. 

1. It has a strong flavour 

Weed pens produce a more pronounced flavour as terpenes flavour, and cannabinoid profiles in various strains can easily be identified. 

2. Temperature can be kept stable 

THC vape pens have an adjustable heat regulator that allows you to keep the desired temperature until the end of the session. 

3. Effective and discreet 

Weed pens contain a high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC). It has powerful effects. The most notable advantage of vaping weed is it does not produce much odour, even at low temperatures. 

Different Types Of Weed Pens 

There are different types of weed pens on the market. 

While some weed pens can handle two types of products, others are explicitly designed for a single product. 

Here are some popular weed pens available in the market today. 

Cartridge Pens 

Cartridge pens have a refillable or replaceable tank. This removes the need to weigh your e-liquid. It makes it very simple to replace the cartridge and get back on your way. 

The only disadvantage is that weed pen cartridges can be more expensive than tank refills. 

Weed vape pens are frequently used for cannabis extracts such as live resins and are popularly known as dab pens in the industry. 

The following are some high-quality weed vape pens in Canada to consider. 

1. Hooti Extracts 1 G Cartridge 

Hooti Extracts 1 G Cartridge | My Green Solution

The Hooti Extracts 1G Cartridge is the ultimate vape pen for the experienced cannabis lover. 

This fantastic weed pen cartridge from My Green Solution is made with a Hooti top-shelf blend of THC distillate and reintroduced strain-specific terpenes. 

It has 3 voltage settings and a rechargeable pen. 

2. Golden Monkey Extracts Cartridges 

Golden Monkey Extracts Cartridges | My Green Solution

Golden Monkey Extracts Cartridges are the crème De la crème of weed pens. 

Thanks to its unique ceramic heating elements and TH2 Cartridges design, this weed pen allows for the best vaping experience. 

They are made from top-grade Delta 9 THC distillate and naturally derived terpenes. 

Every cartridge contains 800mg of THC and is housed in 1.0mL THC Cartridges, allowing for the most flavorful vapour.

Dry Herb Vape Pens 

The dry herb vape pen would be an excellent choice for people who don’t want to use oil or juices. 

It allows you to put your ground herb into the tank. The atomizer heats the herb it turns to vapour. 

The dry herb vape pen produces fewer aromas than more traditional smoking methods. 

Dab/Wax Vape Pens 

dab wax pen | My Green Solution

Dab/wax Vape pens are among the potent products available today. 

The dab/wax is well designed to prevent any effects from being wasted due to overflowing. 

It is a highly concentrated cannabis extract. 

What To Consider Before Buying A Weed Pen 

If you are convinced that vaping is the way to go, choosing the right weed pen for you is crucial. 

Here are some things to consider before entering the world of weed pens. 

  • Long-lasting battery: Look out for a weed pen that has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Nobody wants to go around with a dead vape pen. For example, Hootie Extracts Rechargeable batteries are an example of long-lasting batteries to look out for. 
  • Good Design: The best weed pens come with smart designs and intuitive features. Look out for vape pens with smart features such as power settings and battery life indicators. 
  • Quality Airflow: A vape pen with quality airflow is less harsh on the throat resulting in more vapour and a smooth draw. 
  • Warranty: The best brands are always confident about the quality of their products. Look out for brands with a warranty on their pens to make you feel more confident about your purchase. 

Where To Buy The Best Vape Pens in Canada 

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Residents of Surrey, BC, can buy weed online at My Green Solution. We are an online dispensary that offers premium-grade cannabis products at competitive prices. But that’s not all. 

We also provide the best weed pen vapes in Canada. We have a wide range of strains for different effects and flavours that are less harsh than smoking a cannabis flower. 

Our varied THC pens are designed to give you the best cannabis experience possible. 

How to Buy Weed Online at My Green Solution

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To buy weed online in BC on My Green Solution is very seamless. To begin, open an account on our website. 

Afterward, you can head to our service page and browse the vast collection of top-quality budget buds and other accessories. 

Once you choose your products, enter your shipping information, and mail your order directly to your home in record time.

Buy Pens Online In Canada; Bottom Line 

Purchasing a weed pen should be an enjoyable experience, so it must be seen as an investment. 

If you are a cannabis enthusiast that enjoys vaping, make sure you opt for high-quality vape pens. 

Choose a reputable online dispensary like My Green Solution to buy the best weed pen you can trust.