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Does CBD Boost Sports Performance?

CBD for Sports

Cannabidiol, popularly referred to as CBD, is one of the most remarkable compounds found in cannabis plants. It works harmoniously with the human body and is useful for many things: minimizing inflammation, depression, and stress and anxiety, to name a few. People can now openly buy CBD products online in Canada, which is handy for the everyday aches and pains of the average human being.

But some humans are known to go well above and beyond average. Athletes use their bodies to reach the peak of their abilities through vigorous daily activity. With this strenuous training comes wear and tear on the body. While CBD can be powerful medicine for regular folk, is it enough to give athletes a helping hand in their quest for peak performance?

Is CBD Legal for Use In Sports?

First thing first: Are professional athletes even allowed to use CBD products? As of the legalization of marijuana in Canada in 2018, cannabis remains on the list of prohibited drugs in the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP). However, since CBD is non-psychoactive, it is considered an acceptable substance for athletes subject to the CADP

Cannabis-based treatments are only recommended as a final alternative for professional athletes. This is because CBD products can still contain trace amounts of THC, which could affect test results for doping. 

Athletes wanting to steer entirely clear of THC can look into products like CBD isolates. Since these isolates are made from hemp (versus marijuana) plants, the THC content is naturally only 0.3 percent at most. Purchased in convenient capsule form, they are easy to add to a daily health regime

CBD as an Anti-inflammatory

Exercise is hard on the body. While getting your heart rate up each day is important, repetitive activities can be tough on muscles and joints. Over-the-counter drugs bring prompt pain relief but also come with a host of unwanted side-effects. CBD, on the other hand, works efficiently within the human body with almost no side effects.

Inflammation occurs when the body is trying to protect itself from harm. When athletes push themselves, the most-used areas of the body receive excessive physical stress. The brain interprets inflammation as pain, and this is where CBD can be helpful. 

While the specifics have yet to be determined, research is proving CBD to be useful for pain relief and an effective anti-inflammatory. Whether for joint or muscle pain, CBD can give the patient quick relief. 

The ability to buy CBD products online in Canada, such as patches for topical applications, can help athletes manage pain safely and effectively. When CBD products are applied topically, endocannabinoid receptors found all over the body receive the CBD molecules locally and begin to reduce inflammation right away.

Not only does CBD aid the muscles beneath the skin, but it also benefits the skin itself. For athletic people, skin issues can arise from excessive sweating or chafing of clothing or gear. Applying topical CBD products can help heal skin ailments, from sports or otherwise.

CBD can Aid with Concussion Recovery 

Human bodies can survive a lot, but damage can linger for a lifetime. Concussions, especially related to sports, have recently been receiving a lot of focus as the long-term effects are being studied. Professional athletes, namely hockey players, have been in the spotlight for severe after-effects from concussions, like personality changes, depression, and even suicide.

A concussion occurs when the brain is shaken or jolted within the skull due to a forceful external blow to the head or body. This usually leads to inflammation, either within the brain itself or of the protective tissues surrounding it. While some concussions can be minor, up to 80 percent of patients continue to experience post-concussion syndrome. Though this can resolve on its own over time, some patients can suffer effects for the rest of their lives. 

For athletes, a quick recovery is vital. If the brain suffers a second concussion before the first has healed, the damage can be much more severe. Fortunately, CBD can hasten the recovery from concussions. 

Decreasing inflammation is one method by which CBD helps lessen swelling from traumatic injury. CBD is also known to have neuroprotective effects and can aid in neurogenesis, which are important processes in helping restore the brain. 

CBD has been shown to restore cognitive capacity and regulate cerebral blood flow. All of these favourable effects from CBD come with little to no side effects, making this an incredible medication for concussion recovery.

Rest and Recovery – How CBD Helps the Body Reboot

The most essential factor in healing is sufficient rest. If the body doesn’t have enough time to dedicate to healing itself, opportunities for injury or illness to occur will increase. Not only is CBD useful in helping you fall asleep, but it can also help you stay asleep for a full night’s rest. Oil blends that contain lavender are especially useful for relaxation. 

CBD is also known to reduce anxiety. For athletes trying to get rest the evening before an important event, it can be difficult to calm the nerves. Since CBD works on the nervous system, it can help relieve pre-game jitters and allow athletes ample time to rest and be ready. 

Post-game recovery is also an important aspect of an athlete’s health regimen. While some muscle inflammation is normal after heavy activity, preventing ongoing inflammation is necessary to maintain long-term muscle integrity. Buying CBD products online in Canada, such as tinctures, to add to your post-workout routine can aid in muscle recovery.

Buying CBD Products Online in Canada to Help With Performance

If you enjoy regular physical activity, adding CBD to your health program is a natural way to help your body maintain peak physical ability. By helping with inflammation, promoting rest and recovery, and even helping the body build back after an injury, CBD can improve your overall well-being.
Knowing they are buying CBD products online in Canada that are pure is of utmost importance for professional athletes. Products made with CBD isolates are the best bet to avoid any positive test results for doping. Capsules, oils, or tinctures can be easily incorporated into a health regime to give the user maximum performance capacity.

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