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Strain Review: AK-47

Strain Review AK-47

Sativa-dominant hybrids have been exploding across the marijuana community and quickly becoming a fan favourite. Sativa hybrids are special, as they offer a sense of clear-mindedness, and some users report they can help alleviate pain. This is what makes them a popular choice for those that want to enjoy cannabis during the day and avoid drowsy side effects. 

When looking for the right daytime herb, it’s important to consider certain qualities. You want more than just the potential to relieve stress and feel more energized; you need to be sure you can still function.

AK-47 is a classic strain that has been around for ages. It paved the way for high-energy strains and stays in high demand today. As a sativa-dominant plant, it’s a favourite for “wake-and-bake” sessions and perfectly complements daily activities. 

This hybrid is loved for using before outdoor adventures, like camping or hiking. It’s a great choice for anything from a nice bike ride to social get-togethers. AK-47 offers users a balanced level of energy and creates a sense of engagement with the environment. 

Above all, AK-47 is popular among medicinal marijuana users, especially for those that look for a peaceful and uplifting high without the sedation.

The Origins of AK-47

This old-school classic was first bred in 1992 by a company called Serious Seeds and has been popular ever since. AK-47 is a beautiful mix of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani strains, and they all seem to bring something to the table. 

AK-47 has won numerous awards (16 to be exact), including the Cannabis Cub. This strain continues to be reproduced by several other genetics companies and distributed across marijuana dispensaries. If you are looking for an all-star hybrid, we highly recommend not letting this strain pass under your radar. 

Taking a Closer Look

Taking a Closer Look

AK-47 can be sort of a sleeper, as people don’t realize how powerful this strain actually is. It falls midrange in potency and comes with a variety of effects. This hybrid delivers a 60/40 split between sativa and indica. AK-47 is also known as a one-hit wonder, ranging anywhere from 13 percent to 20 percent THC. 

If you are sensitive to marijuana, this may be a strain to start small with, as it has a small amount of CBD in it. CBD is what eases feelings of paranoia and anxiety. Since it only has around 1.5 percent CBD, you may want to find something with a more balanced ratio to try out first.

This strain is made stronger by the different terpenes that are in the plant. Terpenes are a component found in cannabis and influence your experience. They work alongside cannabinoids and can increase the strength of THC.

This strain is specifically high in the terpene myrcene. Myrcene is found in many varieties of herb and is believed to bring about calming effects. Some users find that their concentration and focus also increase when taking in this terpene.

Look, Smell, & Taste of AK-47

This hybrid has a distinctly old-school look and feel to it. Although AK-47 buds look quite compact, they have a lot of give to them when squeezed. The nugs are yellowish-green with a good number of bright orange pistils sticking out in between. The overall look is pretty consistent in terms of shape and structure. This strain has dense, fuzzy crystallization throughout. The coloration varies between patches of white, orange, and light green with darker green spots.

AK-47 has several fragrances and flavours to offer. When initially smelling this sample of bud, you will notice an herbaceous scent that might make you feel nostalgic for old-school strains. Hints of skunkiness and pungency are prominent, especially when grinding up the buds. Sweet and sour is another noticeable scent accompanied by a very smooth sandalwood-like aroma. AK-47 also has less distinct notes of pepper and floral, something you wouldn’t expect when thinking of a Russian assault rifle. 

Look, Smell, & Taste of AK-47

What to Expect 

This strain offers a mellow buzz that users say also keeps them feeling mentally alert. They describe using AK-47 as feeling very relaxed while still able to concentrate and get some tasks done. AK-47 does not put you down and allows you to be functional. Cannabis connoisseurs keep this strain in high demand for daytime use, getting creative juices flowing, and the ability to keep their concentration going. 

There’s no surprise as to how AK-47 got its name. It can really pack a punch and surprise consumers with its potency. This hybrid promotes laughter, good conversation, and happy feelings. Many people use this strain for their go-to for day-to-day stress relief.

Although AK-47 is known to be stimulating, it can have euphoric attributes that can also be used for night-time use. This strain causes a body buzz and tastes good at the same time. Insomniacs can take heavier doses before bedtime to induce stronger relaxation. Some users have reported that they experience more restful nights after consuming this strain. Medicinal marijuana patients who struggle with chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, lack of appetite, sleep issues, or nausea also sometimes use this strain.

Growing & Tips

The plant is not too difficult to grow, as it is labelled with a growing difficulty of moderate. The hybrid has a flowering time of seven to eight weeks. It does best indoors where humidity can be adjusted. Because of this strain’s large and dense nugs, it is prone to bud rot. Therefore, growing AK-47 outside is not recommended. 

For stronger effects, users may want to try a sativa-dominant concentrate. This form of marijuana is more potent and has properties that come on much faster than traditional flower. Edibles can also be a good option with a sativa hybrid like AK-47.

Whether you choose to smoke it in a joint or bake some special brownies, this strain is sure to satisfy. It has very long-lasting cerebral effects, allowing you to happily be in the moment.