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Best Marijuana Strains for Social Events

Best Marijuana Strains for Social Events

Marijuana has blessed us with a perfect strain for every situation. It seems to make everyday activities better and brighter. Smoking some good herbs can complement food, daily activities, and even making the mundane enjoyable.  

Social gatherings require a certain kind of energy. For some of us, alcohol is the perfect solution to help loosen up and get in the mood for a fun night. If you’re the kind of person who likes lighting up a doobie before going out or while having fun with your pals, it’s essential to choose the right strain to keep the vibe alive.

For some of us, shindigs can be a little stressful or out of our comfort zone. Consuming certain marijuana strains before socializing can help alleviate some of the symptoms, such as anxiety. Cannabis can encourage friendliness and feelings of comfort, allowing users to manage and enjoy functions.

Whether you suffer from social anxiety or want to spice up your outing, knowing the flower you smoke will make all the difference. We reached out to the marijuana community to see which strains they feel would be the best for any social occasions and why. 

How Cannabis Works

Different strains of marijuana have a wide variety of effects. It’s vital to choose the right one for the proper setting. You wouldn’t want to be falling asleep on the couch at a social event, nor would you want to be bursting while relaxing before bed. 

This is where understanding the range of different cannabinoids and what they do in the body puts you at an advantage. Cannabis plants have chemical compounds called cannabinoids. These bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain and are essentially what gets you high. They are mainly made up of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). 

Why Terpenes Matter

Why Terpenes Matter

In addition to THC and CBD, terpenes are another component in marijuana that may also determine what kind of high a user can experience. 

This comes in handy when planning what to smoke on a night out or for staying in. Reading up on the different components in marijuana puts you at an advantage when choosing the herb that compliments social outings.

The easiest way to identify what kind of terpenes are in a plant is by the aroma. They contain oils that give cannabis its unique fragrances. Most people overlook terpenes and tend to only focus on the strain or THC content of a plant. This is a mistake as understanding how terpenes work gives users an advantage when looking to achieve a specific high. 

Climate, soil type, location, weather, and even age are all factors that determine the kind terpenes that develop in a plant. Over 100 of them have been identified with effects ranging from stress-relief to focus and alertness.

5 Most Common Terpenes

These five terpenes are categories from calming to energizing. The following uses and effects are not the same for everyone. Keep in mind every person’s body is different and can react to cannabinoids differently. Many of these terpenes are also found in other plants, herbs, and spices around the globe. Again, these do not intensify the high as much as they dictate the vibe of the high. 

The following statements are not scientifically proven and are meant to be more so of a guide from one fellow stoner to another. More studies are needed to understand how terpenes work and to what extent. 

Myrcene – Herbal Aroma  

Myrcene is the most potent and popular terpene. It’s known for its earthy, spicy, dank smell, and it can also be found in other plants, fruits, and herbs. Mycenae is in Indica-dominant strains as consuming it can bring on intense feelings of relaxation. 

This would not be the best pick for going to a social event but an excellent option for watching a movie at home. It’s best known for helping with insomnia and boosting appetite. It’s most common in Granddaddy Purp and OG Kush.

Pinene – Pine Aroma

Pinene – Pine Aroma

As the name suggests, this terpene has an unmistakable pine-y aroma. It is also in pine needles, rosemary, and basil. It is almost as potent as Myrcene. Pinene produces potential effects of alertness, reduced anxiety, and sharper memory. 

This is a good terpene to wind down with. Perfect for movie night, bubble baths, and easy-going late afternoons. Snoop’s Dream and Critical Mass have a large amount of pinene in them.


This terpene falls right in the middle-ground between sleepy and stimulating. It has notes of wood, black pepper, and hops. Although not proven, it potentially has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is also in other herbs, such as all-spice, cloves, and figs. 

It is potent in Original Glue and Purple Punch. This would go nicely in a hybrid and can be used for laid-back social events. Think bonfire or a small gathering with close friends. Also, a good choice for date night.


Limonene is bursting with citrus. Any cannabis with a tropical or citrusy flavour contains this terpene. It is re-vitalizing and fresh. It is found in lemon and orange rinds. Although not proven, this terpene can be useful for persons having anxiety, depression, and pain. 

This terpene is typically an excellent option for social events and staying alert. It can bring clarity of mind with a sense of vigour. Banana OG and Purple Hindu Kush are popular stains used for ‘waking and baking’ morning or day time use as they are limonene-dominant. 


Coming in as a crowd favourite is terpinolene. It has a fruity fragrance and elevating properties. Its aroma is useful in soaps and presumes as it is described as being fresh. 

This is a great option for social affairs but only in moderation. A high dose of this terpene can bring about a sedative effect. Terpinolene is a good option for those that suffer from social anxiety.  Sativa strain Jack Herer and Hybrid Alien OG are both rich in this terpene. 

Understanding the Different Strains

Understanding the Different Strains

Now that you have a basic understanding of terpenes, let’s take a look at the different strains. These also give insight into choosing the right herb for the right occasion. Sativa, indica, and hybrids are the three strain categories that marijuana falls into. Each of these has specific characteristics when smoked. Using the proper strain is what can make or break your experience. 

Sativa Dominant Plants

Sativa cannabis plants have a more cerebral effect. Generally, these strains have a combination of uplifting and euphoric qualities. This is what makes it suitable for daytime use, as it typically does not make the user sleepy. 

Sativa dominant marijuana is described as invigorating, energizing, and anxiety-reducing. It’s perfect for days when things need to get done or when a boost in creativity is required. 

Indica Dominant Plants

Indica plants are used for their intense calming properties. They stimulate appetite, act as a sleep aid, and create a heavy body high. Indica strains are best for nighttime use as they decrease energy and glue you to your couch. 

This can be a good option for Netflix and chill nights or cuddling up to fall asleep in bed. Maybe even to pass around in a joint around the campfire before bed. It’s a good idea to be careful around this strain if doing anything that requires a high amount of energy or a loud environment. 

Hybrid Plants

These plants are grown with a combination of both indica and sativa strains. Hybrids contain features from both of its parents, making it an interesting mix. This allows growers to get the best attributes from two different plants and create a new hybrid. 

The best of both worlds, creating a clear-headed mellowness. Hybrids can be good for morning and mid-day use. Hybrid strains can either be sativa-dominant, indica-dominant or an equal balance of both. These different categories each have their effects. 

Strains to Keep the Party Going

Strains to Keep the Party Going

The following strains are suggested as being great options for parties and social events. They have prominent characteristics of keeping energy levels high and smiles all around. There is a perfect cannabis plant specifically for parties, concerts, and adventures.

The White Russian is an epic mix between AK-47 and White Widow. Although an indica-dominant strain, it makes for great conversations as it is very cerebral. It can be described as uplifting and also relaxing. Euphoria, stress-relief, and head-lightness are also common side effects. 

Red Congo is also a popular choice for socializing. This sativa-dominant plant is noted for the ability to put users in a happy state. It is known to be a giggle-inducing strain great for a night out with friends. It pairs nicely with a comedy show or game night. 

Users have mentioned feeling a boost in energy, creativity, and can be used to ease tension. Although great for the party environment, Red Congo may produce feelings of anxiety if too large of a dose is taken. 

Strains for Date Night 

Everyone can relate to how nerve-racking a first date can be. Sometimes ending or even starting the night with a little joint can reduce nervousness and loosen up the atmosphere. Picking the right flower is crucial if you want to match the tone of the date. Whether it’s a first or 10th date, there is a strain out there for every occasion.

Pink Kush is a potent bud that sets the mood for date night. It has potent body-focused effects and can ease anxiety and depression. If dinner is in the plans, Pink Kush is especially prominent as it promotes a strong case of the munchies. This bud is a good option with the promise of quick bursts of happiness and giggles keeping the night alive. 

Another popular plant good for a more adventurous date is the classic OG Kush. It has strong moods of cheerfulness, positivity, and euphoria. A common choice in the marijuana community, OG Kush can be an extremely potent hybrid, so you may want to stick with a lower dose if you don’t want to end up too out there.

Strains for Date Night

Strains for Social Anxiety 

Granddaddy purple makes for a grounding experience if you are one to get nervous in a social setting. It’s just enough to wind you down while not putting you to sleep. Also, Granddaddy Purp is a solid choice for first dates as it calms the nerves. 

If a user aims to reduce social anxiety in crowded or stressful situations, they should genuinely consider trying Sunshine Sherbet. Not only does this strain taste great, but it alleviates physical stress as well. Any feelings of anxiousness seem to disappear and have onset feelings of being in a good headspace. Users describe Sunshine Sherbet as making it easy to open up and connect with people. 

Complimenting Your Outing With the Perfect Herb 

Cannabis connoisseurs know just how important choosing the right bud per situation can be. Just like using the right spice for a certain dish, there is a strain out there for every circumstance. 

Making sure to match certain marijuana strains to the vibe during a social event is critical. You don’t want to put yourself or your friends to sleep when everyone is trying to have a good time. Likewise, can you imagine trying to wind down with a high-strung sativa? The more you learn about the different benefits marijuana brings to the table, the better the overall experience you will have. 

Smokers have been consuming cannabis for recreational and social reasons over many years. General feelings of improved quality of life are one advantage of using marijuana. Remember to start slow if you are a new user, so as not to overdo it and have a negative experience. 

Take your time trying different strains to find the one that works best for you. Experiences depend on the person, the situation, the type and quality of the product and how it’s consumed. It’s best to educate yourself so you can choose adequately when the time comes to pick the right strain for whatever fun activities you’ve got planned. It can make for a perfect addition to any outing when all aspects are considered.